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Starches is widely used in food industries as a filling material and process assistant. According to statistic there are an half food company use starch base food ingredients, especially in flour food and rice food made from grain materials, meat products, juice beverage, cold sweet food, freeze food, microwave food, instant food, etc. Except food industry the paper and textiles are major uses for corn starch in sizing, surface coating and adhesive applications.

The application is based on it’s characters of thickener, gelatin, viscosity, emulsifier and cheaper, facile and easy to control quality, etc.

On the other hand, it cannot meet all kinds of special needs. So it must be specially disposed, improve the original characters and create new function so that to obtain many kinds of starch base ingredients used in more wide food industries and other industries.

To meet the development of market, many food manufacturers are making great efforts to improve the products or develop new products. The popular method is advance technology and use new food ingredients. One of the important trend is develop new starch base food ingredients through physical ,chemical or fermentation process. The target is improve and control the rheological property and sensory character so that improve the food quality.

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