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 Polyols can be used in reduced-sugar foods because they are sugar-free, reduced-calorie, low-digestible sweeteners. Polyols add bulk to foods with approximately half the calories.

Polyols are produced from reducing carbonyl of saccharide (including tetrasaccharide, pentasaccharides, hexasaccharide and it’s polymer) by adding hydrogen. So it lose reducing due to add hydrogen. The main categories of polyol is sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, maltitol, isomalt (isomaltitol), dulcitol and erythritol.

It has wide spread uses in pharmaceutical, chemical industries, food and other industries.

Because of the hygroscopy some polyol find uses in toothpaste, cosmetic and food industries. It can lower color and luster due to it’s non-reducing. The metabolism of most polyol in human body don’t rely on insulin in first step so it can be used as nutritional sweetener for diabetic, person of reactive low blood sugar and other person of insulin excrete disorderly. Most of polyol is not easy be imposed by mouth streptococcus which cause decayed teeth so it is widely used in mouth care, guard against decayed tooth. Most of polyol have excellent taste and sweetness so it can replace sugar to lower tendency of adiposity caused by eating much sugar and heart and vein disease.  Most of polyol is the preferred sweetener because of low caloric.

Polyol is the main raw materials of sugar free confectionery because of the good taste, low caloric and resistant decayed tooth. Especially for the xylitol , it can also help to repair small crack on teeth.

It can also find important use in pharmaceutical. Sorbitol is the main raw materials of vitamin C. Firstly sorbitol produce 2-Keto-L-gulonic acid (KGA) via fermention and then transform to vitamin C. Most of polyol have health care function so it is also called functional polyol. It is helpful to lower blood sugar, lower blood fat, lower fat and protect liver. Mannitol and sorbitol is good diuretic dehydrant; Xylitol is important to liver and tooth care; Crystalline sorbitol and mannitol is important excipient and seasoning of tablet; Sorbitol is also the main materials of compound amino acid injection; Maltitol and isomalt are widely used for excipient of wet throat tablet; While mannitol and sorbitol is also the material of many kinds of pharmaceutical materials, such as mitobronitol and sorbitol dinitrate; Dulcitol can produce injection to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

It can also find important uses in chemical industries. Mannitol polyether and sorbitol polyether are important raw materials of hard foam so it is widely used in heat insulation in high and low temperature conditions. In electrolytic aluminium industry mannitol was used electrolyte of high-power capacitor to guarantee the electrolyte running when high-power DC pass. The mixture of sorbitol and sodium hydrate solution can be used for ingredients of aluminium scour in preservatives in aluminum profile production. Polyol can also be used for cement retarder. The ester made from sorbitol can be used for deforming agent in paper making.

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