Zinc sulphate

Zinc sulphate

Zinc sulphate

We have Zinc sulphate monohydrate and zinc sulphate heptahydrate, tech grade and feed grade.

Specificatoin of Zinc sulphate monohydrate:

Appearance: White Powder

Solubility solution 5.0% m/m (add sulphuric acid to adjust pH at 2.5 – 3.0): Clear solution

MESH # 40 passing: 95% min

Density: 3.54 g/cm3

Zn: 35% min

S: 17.1 – 18.5%

Pb: 50ppm max

Cd: 10ppm max

As: 10ppm max

Hg: 0.2ppm max

Cr:  20ppm max


Specification of zinc sulphate heptahydrate:

Appearance: White powder

Zn: 20.0% min

S water soluble: 9.80% – 10.8%

Fe: 200ppm max

pH (sol 12% Zn): 5.0 max

Insolubles 540g/L (H2O 20ºC ±1ºC): 0.05% max

Solubility 540g/L (H2O 20ºC ±1ºC): Clear

Pb: 10ppm max

Cd: 20ppm max

As: 10ppm max

Hg: 0.2ppm max

Cr: 20ppm max