L-Threonine feed grade

L-Threonine feed grade

L-Threonine feed grade

L-threonine is a kind of important nutritional fortifiers. It can fortified cereals, pastry, dairy products. It has effect of restoring tiredness, promotion of growth.

In medicine, because of the structure of L-threonine contain hydroxyl, to human skin, so it can take the role of holding water when combined with chains of oligosaccharide in human body to protect cell membrane. It can promote the synthesis of phospholipids and the oxidation of fatty acid.

With a medicinal effect of preventing fatty liver, threonine preparation works as a component of compound amino acid injection. Meanwhile, threonine can be used for the production of monobactams, one of high-effect and low-allergy antibiotics.

L-Threonine feed grade is a very important feed additives in feed industry.



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