Soy Lecithin

Soy Lecithin

Soy Lecithin

Lecithin series products extract from soybean oil by new technique and process. It is natural, nutritional, and safe food emulsifier, high quality materials for healthy food and pharmaceuticals, and environment-friendly biosurfactant.


1.       Lecithin food grade:

Appearance: Brown transparency liquid.

Function: Soy lecithin can take the role of emulsifier, wetting agent, instantizer, release agent, colorant, antioxidant. It can supply human body with unsaturated fatty acid, choline, inositol and organic phosphorus as nutrient .

As food additives, it is natural and has perfect surface effect and physiological effect. It is widely used in chocolate, confectionary, bread, biscuits, ice creamer, beverage, noodle, instant dairy, soy powder and shortening, etc. As natural products, it was used without any limit in food.


Packing: 200kg new metal drums, 20kg plastic drums and 1000kg IBC drums.

Shelf Life: 12 months.



2. Concentrated soybean lecithin

This product is natural concentrated soybean extract and widely used in food and feed additives, emulsifier and release agent in industries.


3. Modified soy lecithin

Modified soy lecithin is produced from fresh concentrated soy lecithin, besides remain the nutrient of concentrated soy lecithin, it also has better hydrophily, emulsibility, better active and liquidity which can improve miscibility to reduce cost in uses. It is the best replacer of concentrated soy lecithin. It can completely blend with water and form milky liquid. It’s energy is 7500-8500 kilocalorie/g.


4. Discolored soy lecithin

We can also supply discolored soy lecithin for some special demand area.

The uses of transparency lecithin:

It is widely used in dairy and instant food to improve the instant solubility; in ice cream to enhance emulsification to prevent ice creation; in chocolate products to lower viscosity, anti-oxidation, resist extracting oil; in bakery to bond water; in cakes to enhance quality of ices and extensibility; in flour products to improve the quality of paste and resist aging, extend fresh period. It can also act as emulsifier in beverage, vichyssoise and seasoning sauce; dispersant in high fat products, emulsifier in low fat salad.


It can also find wisely uses in other food, feed and chemical industries, effect emulsification, dispersion, demoulding and 

anti-oxidation. It act as dispersant in textile blench, dye, painting, painting ink, coating, paper making, pesticide, rubber, tape, colorful film, oil drilling, fluorescent screen making, etc. It can also aid in repellents and preserver. 

5. Powder lecithin is produced from transparency lecithin, by removing its oil substances and get yellow powder product. Granular lecithin is made from powder lecithin via granulating process.

Powder and granular lecithin with light yellow color, rich in phospholipids, improved flowability, easy blending and mixing, disperse in water quickly. It is easy to use as a nutritional supplement.

Packing is 20kg cartons.




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