Compound phosphate MarCh201

Compound phosphate MarCh201

Compound phosphate MarCh201

Synonym: Composite phosphate, mixed phosphate

Function: humectants, acidity regulator, stabilizer, coagulant

CAS number: 10124-56-8

HS Code: 28352900

Chinese standard: GB26687-2011

Appearance: White powder, easy dissolve in water

Main ingredients: mixed phosphates

Uses: It is mainly used in pre-production of animal products, injection of cooked meat, pickling joint and bacon meat, such as pork, chicken, beef and mutton.       It can sufficiently keep the water to maintain fresh and tender of meats.


 1.  It can keep the flavor and color of animal meats in cooling, storage, thawing and heating of animal meats to maintain the tender.

2.   It can avoid the weight loss in cooked process, shorten cooking time and improve yield.

3.    It can sufficiently keep the stability of animal meats and prevent the oxidative deterioration in cooking, process and storage.

4.   It can keep the flavor and nutrition of the animal meats products.

Technological specification:



Sensory index

No peculiar smell, no corruption and mildew phenomenon, no impurity by naked eyes.


3.0mg/kg max


2.0 mg/kg max

Packing: 25kg kraft paper bags with inner polyethylene film.

Storage and transportation condition: Stored in dry warehouse, avoid store and transport along with dextrin, harmful substance and cargo with peculiar smell.

Shelf life: 2 years.