L-Proline and L-hydroxyproline

L-Proline and L-hydroxyproline

L-Proline and L-hydroxyproline

CAS number : 147-85-3

Molecular formula : C5H9NO2

Molecular weight : 115.13

Standard : AJ 197, USP 31

Appearance : White crystal or crystalline powder or colorless acicular, with one crystal water.

Taste and smell: light smell and light sweet.

Melting point: 210-220℃

Specific rotation: -84.5° to -86.0°

Hygroscopy: Deliquescent

Dissolubility : It is easy solubilize in water, solubilize in alcohol and difficult solubilize in acetone and chloroform and don’t solubilize in diethyl ether and normal butanol.

Isoelectric point: 5.97

Packing: 25kg fiber cans with inner lead foil bag and polyethene bag

Storage condition: Stored in cool and dry warehouse

Shelf life: 12 months