We have 4 type of Isomalt. They are standard(S) type, special(S) type, direct compress (DC) type and LM type. 

Isomalt is a kind of reducing double sugars. The crystal include one molecular water and it will become noncrystal when lose this one molecular water. It appear orthogonal crystal same as fructose. Relative molecular weight of crystal is 360. Melting point is 122-123℃and far lower than melting point of cane sugar of182℃. Specific rotatory power [α]D20 =97.2°.Reducing power is 52% of glucose.

When isomaltose was added hydrogen ,the fructose group form equal α-D-pyranoglucose-D-sorbitol(GPS) and α-D-pyranoglucose-D-mannitol (GPM). Isomalt is the compound of these two kinds of polyol. It is a white odorless crystal and the appearance is just like white sugar.

It is called Palatinitol or Palatinitose in oversea and it is also called Yishoutang inChina. The characteristics is good taste, anti-decayed tooth, no moisture regain, heat is only half of white sugar, suitable for eating by diabetes persons. It almost can replace any kinds of white sugar and it don’t cause windy and enteroding phenomenon. So it can used for production of sugarfree confectionery.

The products made from isomalt instead of white sugar have very good taste and just like the sugarfree sweetener made from cane sugar, glucose, fructose, HFCS in the taste, measurement and appearance.

Besides produce sugarless products, it also has many advantage in developing new products, such as:

Besides the same measurement and taste of white sugar, it also has advantage of decompound in heating condition. So it is suitable for process in ferv, kill bacteria, firing and high temperature. But it don’t cause brown color in food appearance when firing.

The biggest advantage of isomalt is low moisture regain. It don’t absorb any water in25℃, relative humidity 85%. In actually it also don’t absorb water in60℃and relative humidity 80% or80℃and relative humidity 65%. So it is stable when reserve in warehouse and don’t become tacky and don’t moisture regain.

Isomalt can enhance the sweetening power but don’t cause cool feeling. So it can act as the best ingredients of confectionery, chocolate, bakery and apicery products( such as fruit, coffee and chocolate).


It’s sensory characteristic is very good. The taste is just like pure cane sugar although the sweetening power is just half of cane sugar. It’s sweet feeling is similar.

The another best advantage of isomaltol is that it can compound with other saccharine. So it can reach any request sweetening power but don’t affect the taste. In this area it cannot be replaced by any other sweetener.

It can compound with any other flavor such as mannitol, mint and fruit. It’s endothermal value is 39.4KJ/kg, lower than any other sweetener. It means the products including isomalt such as chocolate, lower ferv hand candy and gum base candy , have not any distasteful cool feeling.

Isomalt don’t cause brown reaction and don’t form burnt sugar taste. So the final products can reserve the complete taste. And it can be used to produce high temperature spicery hard candy such as apple and pear taste hard candy.

Isomalt is difficult to be decomposed by acid and enzyme. So it is easy to use even than cane sugar and make it the ideal ingredients of sugarless confectionery and low heat products.



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