Chemical Name of maltitol is 4-O-a-D-Glucose Radicel-D-Glucose Polyol, Molecular Formula is C12H24O11. Molecular Weight is 344.31 . CAS Registry No. is (585-88-6)  
Characters:  White crystalline powder or colorless transparent neutral sticky liquid.

Maltitol is polyol from maltose after hydrogenation, has liquid and crystalline products. Liquid product is from high quality maltitol. As the raw material of maltitol, the content of maltose is better over 60%, otherwise the maltitol will then only take below 50% of total polyols after hydrogenation, and then cannot be called Maltitol. The main hydrogenation procedure of Maltitol is: Raw material preparation – PH value adjust – Reaction – Filter and decolor – Ion change – Evaporation and concentration – Final product.
Maltitol physical and chemical features:
1) Easily dissolve in water
2) Similar sweetness as sucrose, bland sweet without after taste.
3) Great moisture retention, can be moisture protection agent for food or prevent caking of sucrose.
4) No imposed by mould, yeast or lactic acid microbe, can be anti cariogenic.
5) Slow metabolism and absorption in human body, can be good low caloric sweetener.
6) No enhance blood sugar level when consume Maltitol, not affect insulin.
7) Low caloric value and same time can inhibit the fat generation in the body when you eat Maltitol with other high fat food.
8) High Emulsification stability, can be used instead of fat to produce low calorie food and also keep same flavor meanwhile.

Main usage of maltitol:
1. In functional food
Nearly no absorption or anabolism in human body, can be used as raw material to produce food to diabetic and obesity patients. For example, the ingredients for a low calorie milk cream cake as shown in Table I below.


2. In confectionery and chocolate
With Maltitol’s good taste, moisture retention and non-crystallization, good to be used for producing confection, including cotton candy, hard candy, transparent soft candy and etc. For example, the ingredients for a Maltitol candy as shown in Table II below.
3. In fruit juice drinks
Viscosity and non-fermentation, good to be used in floating fruit juicy drinks or lactic acid drinks instead of sugar, to get a better, fuller and smoother taste.
4. In frozen food
Add Maltitol into ice cream to make it finer and viscous, the product can taste fuller sweet and have longer shelf life.   
Maltitol is approved to be the additive used in cold drinks, cakes, fruit juice drinks, biscuits, breads, pickles and confectionery, confirm the amount according to different production requirements.



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