Crystalline Fructose

Crystalline Fructose

Crystalline Fructose

Crystalline fructose is a white crystalline powder. It is one of the most sweet sweetener which sweetening power reach 1.3 times of sugar and it can even reach 1.8 times of sugar under low temperature. Although it’s sweetening power is far lower than synthetic sweetener but because it is natural sweetener with nutrition and no poison, no side effect so it can find wide uses.

After absorbed in human bodies, it was  metabolized in liver so it less rely on insulin. It is the good nutritional sweetener for diabetic and patients of angiocardiopathy and hapetopathy.

It can supply heat for diabetic because it don’t need insulin when transfer to glycogen or metabolized in liver.

It don’t produce lactic acid, prevent consumption of protein, can rapidly supply energy, strengthen endurance for human body in metabolism.

It can produce infusion solution, such as glycerol fructose infusion solution, fructose sodium chloride infusion solution. It can also produce tablet used in the treatment of angiocardiopathy, diabetic, disease of neurocranium and liver.

Fructose can promote the metabolism of alcohol so it can used in treatment of ethylism. It also has very important function in the reproductive activity of human and mammal.

Because of the side effect the uses of synthetic sweetener become limit gradually. As natural sweetener, crystalline fructose was developed and find uses in pharmaceutical and treatment. The consuming quantity will consistently enlarge.